Do you need to

Stop?   Take a breath?

Change your life?

Do you feel stuck?

Life brings us all so many pressures. Balancing the needs of work, family and home can leave many of us feeling demotivated, numb or burnt out.

Care for ourselves can become something we don’t prioritise, our own wellbeing can be sacrificed because of other pulls on our time.

Maybe we feel we should be able to cope, and if we can’t it’s as if we’re failing.

I used to feel like that

Let me show you how I rebalanced myself and my life.

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I’m Alison

Professional Well Being Coach and Yoga Instructor

There was a time when I was unsure how to move forward, I felt demotivate, numb and burnt out. My journey started with coaching, but I realised I needed more I needed to consider my whole self.

With the help of Yoga, Reiki and Coaching.

If you’re interested in my story, it’s all here

I found balance throughout my life and I found my way forward. Let me help you find your way.



When our head is full of chaos, we feel the pain in our body. When we ease our body, we create calm in our mind…


With Reiki I’ll help your body release energy blockages to restore your calm and help you find balance…


With the right space and support, you’ll find your way that is right for you to achieve your goals…

Stop.  Take a breath.

Change your life.

I thoroughly enjoyed the session and still use some of the breathing techniques and positions now, after just one session! You and your home were welcoming and I felt instantly comfortable. I was floating on air after just the one session – and throughout my day. I felt relaxed, lighter, stretched and at ease, which was how I wanted to feel, you were wonderful at making me feel comfortable. Highly recommend you xx  – Laura, Swindon
I have known Ali for some time now and needed some support with an upcoming event. I approached Ali and asked for help, with my nerves and anxiety, she was amazing. Ali listened to my concerns and understood the gravitas of my feelings around the event. She was so supportive and gave me techniques to help me cope on the run up to the event and during the event. Needless to say the event passed with success and I could not have been more prepared mentally for it with the support, guidance and knowledge that Ali imparted on me. Thank you so much for you calm approach, professional manner and peaceful resolve Ali, love and light always xxx – Louise, Swindon

I send a heartfelt thank you to Ali and Jackie with their specialist work here in this awesome workshop, which integrates the full spectrum of Crystal Healing, Yoga and knowledge of the chakras.
The space held by Ali and Jackie was deeply informative, insightful, warm and nourishing as they guided me through my journey of balancing the energy centres of my body, enhancing this process using the power of specific crystals and yoga postures that unlocked my own intuition, creativity, heightened sense of wellbeing and deeper personal insight.
Whether you are a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Yoga teacher, or completely new to the field of health and wellbeing, i would most certainly recommend this workshop to everyone – Richard, Swindon

When you’re ready to make a change, I have the sessions for you.