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let me tell you my story

My story

It wasn’t that long ago I was looking for change and support and when I found it, I found a new way forward…by developing myself. I’ve spent many years working as a project manager in large organisations enjoying the work, but struggling to balance the needs of my job with my own personal wellbeing. I remember at my lowest point feeling that I was on my knees, and knowing I needed to make a change. I felt like I was existing, but not really living. Then, I discovered coaching That process changed my life. Working with someone who would listen, and help me see a way forward. Someone who didn’t tell me what to do but helped me understand my options.  Provided me with strategies and tools to achieve my goals. I needed to give myself more time, to focus on my own needs. I realised I was the only one who could make that change.
I reconsidered my priorities, looking at the steps which would take me forward. One of those steps was to explore yoga. Self-care, mindfulness and meditation Being kind to myself and thinking about what I needed, these ideas were new to me and the changes they brought were welcome. Through yoga I grew to find balance in my life, self-love and inner peace. When I experienced the healing of Reiki, I felt complete Coaching, Yoga and Reiki were steps on my journey a new journey which they made possible. So I decided to train as a coach, yoga instructor and reiki practitioner, to share my passions and help other people find their path. Now these are my essential tools, instruments which I can use to help you find your way.

Your journey will be different to mine, but if you’re looking for change – I can help.

Your journey will be different to mine, but if you’re looking for change – I can help.

Stop.  Take a breath.

Change your life.